Having a High White Blood Cell Count: What does it mean?


high white blood cell count

Have you done a blood test lately and it shows a HIGH WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT? Well, there are a lot of reasons for this to occur in the human body and some are relatively good compared to the others. That is why you should know about what is the good and bad HIGH WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT.

Firstly, we must see what the good causes for having a HIGH WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT are. There are instances wherein the body will produce high counts of it to fight off something foreign inside the body. Commonly, the white blood cell count rises when a person has an infection or disease. Now, this may sound bad but in actuality, it is the opposite. This is good because the body is trying to defend itself from the foreign invaders and in some instances the body is rendered immune to the disease like measles and chickenpox.

But there are also a lot of times wherein having a HIGH WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT means something is wrong with your body. If you doubt the result is reflecting something is wrong in your body, then you should go see a doctor to discuss these results.

One of the instances wherein this result is a concern is when you have a condition called leukemia. This condition is very serious as this is called in layman’s term as cancer of the blood. It does not have any staging because the nature of blood is that it is constantly flowing and there is no way currently to see its development. There are some treatments available but it is not the total cure for the disease. Therefore, treatment according to the doctor’s advice should be started as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed.

Another disease that requires immediate attention and has HIGH WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT as a symptom is myelofibrosis. This disease is considered very dangerous because if left uncontrolled or untreated, it will lead to the eventual death of the person. The most promising treatment for this condition is allogeneic stem cell transplantation but it is still being studied and involves many risks. That is why if you suspect that you have this problem as well as you have a history of this within your family, go see a doctor.

There are many other reasons that will cause the elevation of white blood cells in the body. It can also be caused by stress, tuberculosis or severe allergic reactions. Each probable cause of the high blood count is different in presentation and that is why you need the help of a physician who is able to diagnose the probable cause of this surge of cells in your body. This is important to be done early simply because treatment of the problem at an early stage yields better results compared to treatment at a later stage. Therefore, do not delay the appointment with the doctor as soon as you see the laboratory results. Remember, you are the only one who can act on your problem and doctors can only help you if you ask for it.

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